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Gaën Plancher


Associate Professor in Cognitive Psychology
Keywords: memory, working memory

Current research project: ANR REFLECTOR "From maintenance in working memory to long-term consolidation"

Fellow of the Psychonomic Society
2018: visiting research fellow at Indiana University, USA


Plancher, G., Massol, S., Dorel, T., & Chainay, H. (2019). Effect of negative emotional content on attentional maintenance in working memory. Cognition & Emotion.

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Plancher, G.,
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Plancher, G., Boyer, H., Lemaire, B., & Portrat, S. (2017). Under which conditions can older adults maintain information in working memory? Experimental Aging Research, 43, 409-429.

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Plancher, G., Guyard, A., Nicolas S., & Piolino, P. (2009). Mechanisms underlying the production of false memories for famous people’s names in aging and Alzheimer’s disease. Neuropsychologia, 47, 2527–2536.

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Tel : 04 78 77 43 49

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