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Actualité du 25 avril 2019
Le Séminaire Cognition aura lieu le jeudi 25 Avril de 16h à 17h15 en Amphi E (campus Portes des Alpes).

Séminaire Cognition du Jeudi 25 Avril 2019


Otto LAPPI, Université d'Helsinki (Finlande) - Traffic Research Unit Lab, Department of Digital Humanities, sera l'invité du laboratoire d'Etude des Mécanismes Cognitifs lors d'un séminaire qui se déroulera le jeudi 25 Avril de 16h à 17h15 dans l'amphithéâtre E du Campus Portes des Alpes

Résumé de la présentation

Perceptual–cognitive basis of everyday and expert performance.

In everyday life we carry out many tasks that are apparently easy and simple, but in fact are underpinned by complex and sophisticated cognitive and neural mechanisms. In expert performance we can observe these mechanisms at the edge of human cognitive and physiological capacity. My aim is to understand this perceptual–cognitive basis of everyday and expert performance - in particular visual strategies in ecologically naturalistic tasks “in the wild” (unconstrained dynamic behavior in 3D space) and our brain’s remarkable capacity to encode complex 3D information, and to quickly and reliably transform it into conscious perception and complex eye, hand and locomotor actions. In this talk I will give an overview of recent work in our research group. The research methods combine controlled laboratory and simulator experiments, naturalistic field experiments, cognitive modelling, as well as survey methodologies and qualitative methods.

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