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Anthony Macri


Ph.D Student in Cognitive Psychology (Advisor : Rémy Versace, Ph.D)
Doctorant en Psychologie Cognitve (Directeur : Rémy Versace, Ph.D)

Research theme : Memory Efficiency and Cross-modal Integration.
Thème de recherche : Efficacité mnésique et intégration multimodale.

Team : Memory, Emotion and Action (MEA)
Equipe : Mémoire, Emotion et Action (MEA).


Research - Classes - Resume - Publications - ContactInformation 



  Using a functional multiple-traces memory model as a framework (Actin, Versace et al., 2009; 2014), I'm currently investigating the link between the integration mechanism and memory efficiency. The aim is to better understand the role memory integration plays in memory efficiency and how said integration is affected by the different factors known to influence memory capacities (i.e. Emotion, Motion, Mental Imagery). In the end, the ideal would be to develop a training methodology to reduce memory loss due to aging based on the findings on integration. 


Cognitive Psychology, Psychology - 1st year. (21h)

Methodology, Psychology - 1st year. (42h)

Cognitive Psychology, Psychology - 2nd year. (21h)

Introduction to Psychology, Education Sciences - 1st year. (19,5h)


·      2014 - Present day : Ph.D Student, University of Lyon.

      January 2016 - May 2016 : Internship with Dr Sylvain Gagnon at the University of Ottawa.

·      2012 - 2014: Master’s degree in Cognitive Sciences, University of Lyon (av. 15,30 - 1st rank)


·      2009 - 2012: Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Sciences, University of Lyon (av. 13,96).


·      2008 : Baccalaureat in Literature (av. 13,22 - 1st rank).



Work in progress...


- Macri, A., Boisson, A., Gagnon, S., & Versace, R. (2016, Septembre ) Action and the Integration Mechanism in yound and older adults. Journée d'étude du Viellissement Cognitif, Bordeaux.


- Macri, A & Versace, R. (2015, September) Memory efficiency and sensorimotor integration. 56th Conference of the French Society for Psychology.

Macri, A & Versace, R. (2015, September) Memory efficiency and sensorimotor integration. 19th Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP).

Macri, A., Boisson, A. & Versace, R. (2016, July) How does action improve memory?. 6th International Conference on Memory (ICOM).


Anthony Macri,
Bureau K16.
Laboratoire d’Etude des Mécanismes Cognitives,

Université Lumière Lyon 2,
5 Avenue Pierre Mendès-France,
69676 Bron Cedex

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Université Lumière Lyon 2